1. ​​

July 17th

AV would like to remind all producers their top size is a minimum of 3" and nothing smaller please.

July 17th

J D Irving Baker Brook will be closing this Friday July 19th at noon for vacation and not reopening until Tuesday Aug 6th at 7 am

July 8th

J D Irving saw material prices will be changing effective July 21st at both JDI Sussex and JDI Grand Lake mills.   Sawlogs prices will increase and the studwood prices will decrease.  Anyone on a current contract the studwood prices will remain the same till the contract is finished.

July 5th

J D Irving Doaktown will open for deliveries on Monday July 8th for White Pine Sawlogs.  Please keep in mind that any loads cut right now must be moved the same week they are cut because of the risk of stain.

June 27th

Please keep in mind that most CDN Mills will be closed to the July 1st Holiday on Monday as well as both YSC  offices.  Also the US Independence Day Holiday most US Mills will be closed on July 4th as well as some on July 5th also.

June 27th

Woodland Pulp will not be accepting any softwood pulpwood the week of July 1st to July 5th.

June 27th

J D Irving at Grand Lake and Sussex will be closed Sunday night June 30th and Monday July 1st day shift and reopen at 6:00 pm Monday night.

June 24th

TIMBER RESOURCE GROUP  in Passadumkeag, Maine have lowered the price of Studwood as well as Sawlogs effective June 24th.  Please check the price list or contact either office.

June 10th


June 3rd

ARBEC is now open with new pricing in place.  Please check the price list or contact either office.

June 3rd

​Woodland Pulp has a new price for hardwood from the Fredericton area contract 45 the price is now $58.68/ton = $146.70/cord.

June 3rd

E M CUMMINGS have new prices in place effective June 3rd.  Please check the price list or contact either office.

June 1st


May 31st

AV will accept now a maximum of 30% BIRCH to a load of tree length hardwood.

May 29th

DEVON LUMBER has new prices and specs starting June 1st.  Grade 1 Studwood is now FIR ONLY with a price of $39.12/m3st = $141.83/cord. Grade 2 Studwood is now SPRUCE ONLY EITHER RED OR BLACK SPRUCE NO WHITE SPRUCE ALLOWED. Price #$38.30/m3st = $138.86/cord.

May 22nd

E M CUMMINGS price of mixed sawlogs Spruce and Fir is 65.52/mt = 294.84/1000 board feet.  Mixed hardwood pulp is $56.72/mt = $128.76/cord.  These prices are in effect until may 31st/19.

May 17th

The last day for Tree Length Studwood deliveries to JDI Sussex is Friday May 31st/19

May 10th 

The District meeting for Districts 10 & 11 West and East Charlotte will be held on Monday May 13th at 6:30 pm at the Ganong Nature Park.

May 10th 


May 6th

A V Nackawic will not be accepting any Biomass after Friday May 10th until further notice.

May 6th

The District Meeting for District 9 South Sunbury and Hoyt will be held Wednesday May 8th at the Hoyt Fall Fair Hall starting at 6:30 pm.

May 6th

The District Meeting for District 5 North Sunbury will be held Tuesday May 7th at the Acadia Research Forest Station 2325 Rte 10 Burpee NB starting at 6:30 pm.

May 6th

The YSC District Meeting for Districts 3 Keswick & District 8 Fredericton will be held Monday May 6 at the Forestry Complex at 6:30 pm in Room 230.

 May 6th

 E M Cummings are open again the scales have been fixed.

May 1st

 The YSC District Meeting for District 6 Canterbury & Meductic will be held at St. Mark's United Church at 6:30 pm

April 30th

The YSC District Meeting for District 7 will be held at the Harvey Lion's Club at 6:30 pm

April 29th

E M Cummings in Meductic scales are down until further notice.

April 26th

J D Irving drops prices of Sawlogs and Studwood as well as Pulpwood effective April 28th


The YSC office will be closed Good Friday and Easter Monday. Best holiday wishes everyone!


Notices for YSC District Meeting will be included with your cheques over the next month. Look for it in the Gleaner and on Facebook as well as someone will be calling to remind you.  The first meeting starts Tuesday April 16th, 2019  for District 4 South Nashwaak & Durham at 6:30 pm at the Nashwaak Valley Rec Association.

April 10th

Friday April 12th at 4pm will be the last day for delivery to Port Hawksbury and the Barry Mills yard location until further notice, due to market conditions.

March 18th

MACMILLAN LUMBER - Will not be accepting any HEMLOCK SAWLOGS until further notice.

March 4th

AV GROUP has increased the price of mixed hardwood random pulp to $56.72/mt = $128.76/cord poplar random pulp increases to $56.72/mt = $128.76/cord Birch increases to $48.90/mt = $111.01/cord and Tree Length Mixed Hardwood with up to a 10% Birch mix is $54.76/mt = $124.31/cord.  Biomass price is $29.34/mt = $66.61/cord.  This price is in effect from March 3rd to June 1, 2019

fFeb 25th



Feb 21st

NEW PULPWOOD MARKET -Port Hawkesbury Lumber, Port Hawkesbury, NS buying Spruce & Fir Pulp Cut to Length 8' or 9' Random Length 14' to 20' down to a 2" min top size with a 30" Maxi butt.  Can have NO ROT under 5" and 1/3 above 5" price  is $92.91/mt = $189.54/cord.  This price will hold until the end of March 2019 and will decrease by $2/mt until the end of April 2019.

Can also deliver closer at Barry Mills Yard near Moncton for a price of $ 55.43/mt = $113.08/cord.

Truckers please contact the YSC Office for contract number information.

Feb 14th

J D Irving at Grand Lake Chipman and Sussex will both be open extended hours this weekend.

JDI Grand Lake Friday night Feb 15th open straight through till Saturday at 5:00 pm.  JDI Sussex Friday night Feb 15th open straight through to Saturday at 5:00 pm

Feb 13th

Please be advised that AV for Tree Length wood will not have a loader available Friday Feb 15th and Saturday Feb 16th due to loader being down for maintainance.  Will be unloading on Sunday Feb 17th.

Feb 13th





Feb 8th

Timber Resources (TRG) Passadumkeag, Maine has new scaling hours Monday to Thursday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm CDN time.  Now open on FRIDAYS 7:00 am till noon CDN time.


Feb 1st

J D Irving Doaktown location will stop buying White Pine Sawlogs on Friday February 22nd for the season.

Jan 31st

JDI Grand Lake Chipman and JDI Sussex have extended hours again this weekend.  JDI Sussex will be open on Friday Feb 1 straight through to Saturday Feb 2 at 5:00 pm.  JDI Grand Lake will be open Feb 1 straight through to Saturday Feb 2 at 2:30pm.  Grand Lake will open early on Sunday Feb 3 at 2:00 pm for the week.

Jan 30th

YSC Talk Mail - if you would like to have your number added or deleted from the YSC Talk Mail list please contact Lori at either office.  The talk mail is set up to provide you with up to date market changes. Talk Mail only works for Bell Aliant customers.

Jan 24th 

 J. D. Irving have extended hours this weekend at both J D I Grand Lake and J D I Sussex.  Both mills are open Friday night Jan 25th straight through to Saturday Jan 26th at 5:00 p.m.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Jan 21st

The YSC Fredericton Office will we on a weather delay opening today due to the weather conditions.  Opeinging at 10:00 am.  Any calls can be directed to YSC St. Stephen Office 506 466 5914.

Jan 7th

W F Thompkins have new prices of Hardwood Sawlogs.

Jan 7th

A V Nackawic  has increased the price of tree-length mixed hardwood to $50.37/mt = $114.34/cord effective Jan 7th.

A V Nackawic has also increased the price of Biomass to $29.34/mt = $59.85/cord effective Jan 7th

Jan 4th and Jan 5th

J D Ircing Grand Lake (Chipman)will be open Friday Jan 4th until Saturday 6:00 am Jan 5th.

J D Irving Sussex will be open Friday Jan 4th until Saturday Jan 5th at 5:00 pm

Jan 3rd

Effective immediately the maxi butt size on hardwood is 28" at Richmond Corner yard.

Dec 28th

LP Houlton, Effective Jan 1st the price of Zone 2 Sunbury/Charlotte 9' poplar direct to LP will increase in price to $49.88/ton = $124.70/cord US Funds =$164/cord CDN Funds.  Also the Tree Length Poplar will increase in price to

$46.45/ton = $116.15/cord US Funds = $153/crod CDN Funds.

Dec 28th

J. D. Irving Sussex will be open again extended hours this weekend

Open Friday Dec 28th all night and Saturday Dec 29th day shift until 5:00 pm

J. D. Irving Grand Lake - (Chipman) will stay open Friday night until 3:00 am Saturday morning Dec 29th, they will close for 3 hours and reopen at 6:00 am until 3:00 pm on Saturday. ALSO open Sunday Dec 30th starting at 6 am.

DDec 27th

Timber Resource Group - (TRG) Passadumkeag, Maine will reduce the price of all products effective Dec 31st.

Spruce Sawlogs - $ 69.44/ton = $156.24/cord US Funds = $206.24/cord CDN

Fir Sawlogs - $55.75/ton  = $125.46/cord US Funds = $ 165.61/cord CDN 

Spruce Tree Length Studs - $64.55/ton = $145.26/cord US Funds = $191.74/cord CDN

Fir Tree Length Studs - $50.86/ton  =$114.44/cord US Funds = $151.06/cord CDNec D

Dec 21st - HOLDIAY MILL HOURS ***** UPDATED Dec 28th

Arbec closes Dec 21st at 5:00 pm reopen 5:30 am Jan 2/19

AV Nackawic - open 24/7 as long as the driver knows how to use the scale system.

Devon Lumber closes at 11:00 am Dec 24th, Dec 25th, Dec 26th and January 1st

LP Houlton - Closed Dec 24th, Dec 25th, Closing 8:00 am Dec 31st,  Jan 1st

LP Carson Yard - St. Stephen closes Dec 24th 3:00 pm Dec 25th, Dec 26th & Jan 1st.

Pleasant River Dover Foxcroft  Closed Dec 25th and Jan 1st

Pleasant River Woodland Maine (Yard) closes Dec 24th at noon Dec 25th and Jan 1st

Richmond Corner (fillion yard0 Closes Dec 24th Noon Dec 25th.  closes Noon Dec 31 and Jan 1st.

Timber Resource Group (TRG) Closed Dec 24th Dec 25 OPEN Dec 31 and CLOSED Jan 1st.

Twin Rivers (Plaster Rock) Closes Dec 24th at 4:00 pm Dec 25th Closes Dec 31 at 4:00 pm and Jan 1st.

Woodland Pulp Closing Dec 24th at 3:00 pm Dec 25th

J D Irving - Grand Lake Closes Dec 24th at 2:00 pm Dec 25th Closing Monday Dec 31st at 4:00 pm and Jan 1st

J D Irving Sussex Closes Dec 24th at 2:30 pm Dec 25th Closes Monday Dec 31st at 4:00 pm and Jan 1st.

J D Irving St. Leonard Closed Dec 24, Dec 25th, Dec 26th and Jan 1st

​J D I Baker Brook Closes Dec 21st at Noon, Reopen on Thurs Dec 27th 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Dec 31st regualr hours 7:00 am to 5:00 pm closed Jan 1st.

Dec 21st 

J D Irving Susssex open extended hours Friday night and Saturday until 5 pm

J D Irving Chipman pen extended hours Friday night and Satruday until 2:30 pm

Dec 13th

Woodland Pulp Price Increase in Hardwood delivered fron the Fredericton area Zone 4 Contact 45.

Effective Dec 13th the price will be $56.72/ton = $62.52/mt =$141.92/cord.  We have a volume incentive in place for wood put in till the end of March/19.  If you would like to get in on this volume incentive and more money per ton please contact either office.

Dec 12th

J D Irving Sussex will be open for deliveries Dec 14th and 15th, open Friday night and the Saturday day shift until 5 00 pm.  J D Irving Grand Lake (Chipman) will be open Friday night till 1:00 am and Saturday morning for Studwood only.  After 1:00 am they will be open for both Sawlogs and Studwood till 2:30 pm.

Dec 12th

J D Irving Doaktown will close on Dec 21st and reopne on Jan 2/19.

Dec 12th

Devon Lumber will closed at noon on Dec 24th and reopen for regular hours Dec 27, 28 and 31st.  Closed Jan 1st and reopen Jan 2/19.

Dec 12th

MaMillan Lumber in Belleisle Creek Christmas Hours Closed on Wednesday Dec 19th and reopen on Jan 2/19.

Dec 10th

Marwood - Harvey location are once again purchasing Hemlock Sawlogs. 12',14'.16' and 18' Hemlock Sawlogs.

Marwood Christmas Hours Dec 21st close at noon and reopen Jan 2/19.

Nov 30th

​AV Nackawic the price of Birch has come up to $46.94/mt = $ 106.55/cord.

Nov 28th

J D Irving at Grand Lake (Chipman) will have extended hours this weekend Nov 30 & Dec 1st.  Grand Lake will be open Friday night and till Noon on Saturday.  J D Irving Susses will be open Friday night and all day on Saturday.

Nov 23rd

Chester Forest Products at their Houlton Yard are purchasing random length Hardwood as well as Spruce/Fir Pulpwood.  The price on the Pulpwood is $34.23/ton us funds = $77.04/cord us funds.  Chester at the Chester Yard location are purchasing Hemlock Studwood both Tree Length and 8' (100") as well as Tree Length Hemlock Pulpwood.  Please check with either office for specs and prices.

Nov 22nd 

J D Irving at Grand Lake (Chipman) and Sussex will be open extended hours this weekend. Open Friday evening and a day shift on Saturday.

Nov 20th

Please keep in mind if you are delivering to the US markets this week that Thursday Nov 22nd is their Thanksgiving Day.  Most mills are closed both Thursday Nov 22nd and  Friday Nov 23/18

Nov 9th

The only markets that will be open on Monday Nov 12th Rememberance Day are JDI Grand Lake, JDI Sussex and AV Nackawic.  Both offices of YSC will be closed.

Nov 6th

Timber Resource Group (TRG) Passadumkeag, Maine will be reducing the price of Spruce Sawlogs and Spruce Tree Length.  As well as the price of Fir Sawlog and Fir Tree Length.  Please check out the price list or call either office for details.  ​This price decrase is effective on Monday Nov 12th.

Nov 5th

AV increases the price of Poplar to $53.79/mt = $122.10/ cord effective Nov 5th.  AV will start to purchse 8' & 9' Poplar either separated on loads or ful loads of short wood.

Nov 1st

LP Houlton will not be accepting wood deliveries from Sun Nov 11 until Sun Nov 25th  due to yard inventory levels.

Nov 1st 

Pleasant River Lumber effective Nov 5th will decrease all prices by $8/ton us funds due to lumber prices crashing due to high wholesale yard inventories.

Oct 30th

Woodland Pulp will resume regualr scaling hours for Hardwood 24/7.  No 8' Hardwood accepted.

Woodland Pulp will return to normal scaling hours 24/7 for Hardwood no 8' Hardwood accepted.OO

Oct 29th

J D Irving are accepting tree length Studwood at two locations Fillion Yard scaling hours Mon to Thurs 7 am to 5 pm Friday 7 am to 2 pm.  JDI Sussex mill yard by appointment only as there is no loader readily available.  Please contact Wendell Munn to make arrangements for unloading.

Oct 29th

Marwood Ltd. Harvey location will stop purchasing Hemlock Sawlogs and start to purchase Red Pine Sawlogs for $268.75/1000 board feet.  Fresh cut from Oct 1st to March 31, 2019.

Marwood Ltd. Devon Yard location will purchase 8' Red Pine Studwood for a price of $44.45/mt = 97.79/cord

Marwood Ltd. Tracyville are interested in Red Pine fence Post please contact Mark Shannon to have a look at them first. 

Ce;; 506 440 0000.

Oct 23rd

AV Nackawic will purchase BIOMASS Length 22' same s the random length any species Maxi butt is 24" price is $24.45/mt = $49.88/cord.

Oct 23rd

Jolly Farmer will purchase BIOMASS  until they reach 300 loads total.  NO Tree Length wood Length 8' to 24' any species. Maxi butt size 24" price is $21,52/mt = $43.90/cord.

Oct 16th

E M Cummings start new scaling hours Mon to Thurs 6 am till 4:30 pm Friday 6 am to 3 pm.

Oct 5th

J. D. Irving Sussex are now going to purchase Tree Length Studwood into the Sussex Samill location.  Prices in effect as of Oct 7th. Price for Zone 1 $60.64/mt while Zone 2 thru 5 is $63.57/mt.

Oct 5th

LP has raised the price of Hardwood at the Houlton mill to $46.94/ton us funds effective Oct 9th.

Sept 28th

We now have a Venner Sawlogs market through Columbia Forest Products in Maine  If you are interested and have some logs cut Yellow and White Birch and Hard Maple with fairly large top size, straight and sound give the office a call and we can have the Columbia scaler come out and scale the sawlogs right on your woodlot.  For prices and specs please contact either office.

SSept 28th

New market for Biomass type wood.  Verso Paper Corp. are using a pile down yard in Bucksport Maine for some 8' wood . Delivery price to Bucksport $27.38/ton US funds wish is approx $61.61/cord US funds.  Will talke most speices Spruce/Fir, red pine, white pine, helock, tamarack.SS

Sept 14th

J D Irving Sussex location has increased the price of pulpwood in zones 3, 4 & 5 effective September 16th.  From $1/mt to $7/mt.

Sept 10th

E M Cummings yard in Meductic are purchasing hardwood and poplar as well as Tree Length Studwood and Sawlogs through YSC.

Sept 10/18

Ridge Cedar Ltd. in Keswick Ridge are purchasing 8' and 12' Cedar.

Sept 10/18

Devon Lumber are now purchasing 10'6" Cedar rails.

Sept 10th

Woodland Pulp announces their Annual Maintenance Outage starting September 30th NO deliveries.  The week of Oct 1 - 5th Hardwood deliveries Monday to Friday 6 am to 7 pm.  Closed Oct 6th & Oct 7th.  Resume normal deliveries the week of Oct 8th 24/7

Sept 10th 

A V Nackawic will try a try of Tree Length Mixed Harwoods for $48.90/mt approx $111/cord.  This can consist of Mixed hardwoods, poplar and ONLY 10% Birch.  Monday to Friday 6 am to 10 pm

Aug 19th

JDI Grand Lake and JDI Sussex have increased the price on sawlogs nad Studwood.  Both Grade 1 and 2 are now the same price.  The price of Tree Length Studwood at Richmond corner has increased as well.

Aug 16th

Marwood - Harvey location will be closed from August 29 through to Sept 3rd for year-end inventory.  Reopens on Sept 4th.

 Aug 16th

W F. Tompkins & Sons Ltd. Bath, NB Are purchasiing Rock Maple. Soft Maple, Birch and Ash please see the website or call either office for specs and prices.

July 29th

J. D. Irving at their Sussex and Grand Lake location have increaed the price of Sawlogs on all zones, effective July 29th  Please contact the office for prices and specs or check it out on our website.

July 27th

Eastern Trap Supplies in PEI are looking for Oak Sawlogs for Lobster Traps please contact either office if you have any Oak for this market.

July 19th

Effective Monday July 23rd JDI Richmond Corner Yard location will increase the price of the Tree Length Spruce & fir Studwood by $2/mt making the price $58.68/mt or $119.71/cord.

JJuly 19th

YSC's JDI  contract will be coming to a close on July 28th.  anyone who has asked to be on the contract please try to get your volumes in by the 28th.  Any questions please contact either office.

jjJuly 3

JDI Doaktown - White Pine Sawlogs  Open for the season.

June 29 


​ARBEC – Closed Monday July 2nd reopen Tuesday July 3rd at 5:30am.


Sussex – Closed Sunday night shift & Monday day shift.  Open at 6:00 pm on Monday, July 2nd.
Chipman –
Closed Sunday night shift & Monday day shift.  Open at 6:00 pm on Monday, July 2nd.
Doaktown –
Closed for deliveries until further notice.
Baker Brook –
Closed Monday, July 2nd.  Open normally on Tuesday, July 3rd
St. Leonard –
Closed Monday July 2nd.  Open normally on Tuesday, July 3rd

Closed Monday July 2nd reopen Tuesday July 3rd
Closed Monday July 2nd reopen Tuesday July 3rd 6:00 a.m.

Closed Monday July 2.


Closed Monday July 2nd


June 22

Fillion forestry has reduced their price on 9' Poplar to $58.19/ton = $145.50/cord cdn funds.


June 15thcoJune 18tunty is $46.94/ton From Sunbury & Charlotte counties $47.92/ton. Now accepting tree length Popla LP  Houlton location have changed zones and decreased the price effective June 18th

9' Poplar from York county now $46.94/ton Sunbury & Charlotte counties now are $47.92/ton.  Now accepting Tree Length Poplar for $44.99/ton.  9' Hardwood is $43.03/ton.4.99/ton.  9; Hardwood is now $on

LP's yard in St. Stephen the price will decrease and  is now paying $34.23/ton US funds= 85.60/cord us funds.

 June 15th  Devon has raised their Grade 3 studwood prices to $34.23/mt = $69.83/cord effective June 11th.

June 15th Marwood is once again open for deliveries of Hemlock Sawlogs.

June 15th Fillion forestry have changed hours for the summer season Mon to Thurs 7 am to 5 pm and Friday 7 am to 2 pm

June 15th  Timber Resource Group (TRG) im Passadumkeag Maine have increase their wood prices Sawlogs Spruce $78.24 US per ton.  Fir Sawlogs now $63.57/ton US Funds Spruce Tree length price $73.35/ton US Funds and Fir Tree Length is $ 58.68/ton US Funds.


​j TH

June 1st

Pleasant River Lumber starting Monday June 4th will be purchasing Spruce Sawlogs, Fir Sawlogs and Tree Length Spruce Studwood in the Woodland mill site yard location.  Scaling hours are Mon to Fri 7 to 4 pm CDN time.

Prices are:

Spruce Sawlogs $66.50/ton US funds = $149.63/cord = $188.53 CDN Funds

Fir Sawlogs $56.72/ton US Funds = $127.62/cord Us funds=$160.80 CDN Funds

Tree Length Spruce Studwood $61.61/ton US Funds=$138.65/cord US Funds=$174.70 CDN Funds

These prices are based on an exchange rate  of $1.26 as of June 1st which means they may change slightly.

Spruce & Fir can NOT be mixed.  Specs are available in our YSC Price list on the website or by calling either offce of the YSC.

May 18th

J. D. Irving Grand Lake Timber  is closed until Monday May 28th due to the damage from the flood water.

May 11th

Thanks to all who came out to the YSC District Meetings in your local area. We appreciate your attendance and good discussions.  Keep May 30th marked on your calandars for the YSC Annual Meeting to be held Wedneday, May 30th at the Fredericton Inn.  Registration to start at 5:00 p.m. Cold plate supper provided if you are interested in this registration and meal please contact either office and let us know.  Meeting to start at 6:30 pm

May 7th

J. D. IRVING Grand Lake location is closed due to the flooding.  We will advise everyone when things are back up and running.

May 4th

District meeting for District 7 Harvey/Pokiok area will be held Thursday May 10th at the Harvey Lions club starting at  6:30 pm

May 4th

District meeting for District 2 Nackawic/Millville area will be held on Tuesday May 8th at the Nackawic Lions Club starting at 6:30 p.m.

April 29

J D Irving has increased the price of Sawlogs by $2/mt  and Studwood by $1/mt effective April 29th at JDI Gand Lake and JDI Sussex.

April 27th

YSC District meeting for District #6 Canterbury/Meductic area will be held Tuesday May 1st at the St. Mark's United Church starting at 6:30 p.m.

April 27th

YSC District Meeting for Districts#8 &#3 Fredericton/Keswick area will be held on Thursday May 3rd at the St. Anthony's Parish on Union Street in Fredericton starting at 6:30 p.m.

April 27th

YSC will be starting on the 2nd YSC JDI Contract for increased pricing.  This is a 3 month contract,if you are interested in getting in the JDI contract please contact Lori Johnson at the YSC St. Stephen Office 506 466 5914.

April 20th

YSC's 4th District Meeting will be for District 9 South Sunbury/Hoyt area Monday April 23rd at the Hoyt Fall Fair Hall starting at 6:30 pm.

YSC's 5th District Meeting will be for District 5 North Sunbury area Tuesday April 24th at the Minto Senior Citizens Club, starting at 6:30 pm.

AApril 13th

YSC's 2nd District meeting will be for District 4 the South Nashwaak/Durham area to be held on Monday April 16th at the Nashwaak Valley Rec Centre starting at 6:30 p.m.

YSC'a 3rd District meeting will be for District 1 the North York and Stanley area to be held on Tuesday April 17th at the Nashwaak Curling Club starting at 6:30 pm

April 9th

YSC's 1st District meeting will be held for Districts 10 & 11 Charlotte County area on Tuesday April 10th, 2018 at 6:30 pm at the Oak Bay Memorial Hall.

April 9th

YSC's JDI contract comes to a close this Friday April 15th anyone with any saw material ready 

to go please contact Lori Johnson in St. Stephen 506 466 5914.

March 29th

Marwood, Harvey location will be closed till further notice due to the condition of the road.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​March 29th

Both offices of YSC will be closed for the Easter Weekend Friday March 30th and Monday April 2nd.  Most CDN mills are closed on Friday March 30th and reopen Monday April 2nd.  with the exception of AV, they will remain open.


March 28th

Timber Resource Group - Passadumkeag, Me are going back to the spring/summer scaling hours

Monday to Thursday 7 am till 5 pm CDN time effective April 2nd.


March 27th

Garant - Woostock, NB rasies the prices on Hardwood Sawlogs buying Ash, Hard Maple, Soft Maple and Yellow Birch, prices are from $376/1000 to $552/1000 board feet.


​​​​​​​​March 26th

JDI - Richmond Corner are purchasing Tree Length Studwood on a trial basis accepting 1000 mt and then they are done.  The price is $56.72/mt all zones and a min length of 21' with a 4" min top

7" min butt and 18" maxi butt.  NO ROT under 10".


March 22nd

W F Tompkins - effective midnight March 22nd, 2018 YSC will not be paying any scale slips delivered to Tompkins until further notice.


March 22nd

LP Carson Yard - 9' Poplar the price increases by $2/ton effective March 20/18  Price now is $39.12/ton US Funds = $97.80/cords US funds or $122.25/cord CDN Funds.


​​​March 16th

JDI Grand Lake - Chipman has extended weekend hours for this weekend March 17th & 18th.  Open Friday Night 6:00 pm till Sat morning 5:00 am.  Open Saturday night 6:00 pm till Sunday morning 5:00 am.


Mar 8th 

YSC Fredericton Office will be closed for the afternoon. Phones will still be answered if you would like to call in.


Mar 2nd

​​​​Fillion Wood Yard - Richmond corner - The price of 9' Poplar and Tree Length Poplar will increase effective March 5th probably until the roads reopen.  9' Poplar will be $61.01/mt= $138.49/cord and Tree Length Poplar will be $56.62/mt = $128.53/cord



We will be open for deliveries at our Chipman Mill both Saturday and Sunday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm if you wish to deliver on the weekend.
As always with weekend deliveries our Security personnel make periodic rounds that take about 30 minutes each. If you arrive and the Guard is not there they will be back shortly.
Call if any questions.
Wendell Munn
J. D. Irving, Limited
648-3561 (office)
650-5797 (cell)


Mar 1st

Louisiana Pacific in Houlton, Maine have increased the price of 9' Poplar to $51.83/ton after levy

effective March 1st.  This is for wood delivered to Houlton the cord price would be $129.60 us funds or approx $161/cord cdn funds. This in comparsion to metric tone price is close to $71/mt after  levy.the price of 9' Poplar delivered straight to arch 1st and is $on after levy


​​​Feb 26th
​Workshop Announcement - Science to Prevent Outbreaks: Spruce Budworm Early Intervention,  March 13-14 at Hugh John Flemming Center.  
Click here for further details.

Feb 21st

NOTICE FROM GNB:   2018 Spring Weight Restrictions
Spring weight restrictions for truck traffic will come into effect at midnight AST on Monday, February 26th, in southern New Brunswick and on Monday , March 5th , in northern New Brunswick.

Restrictions will continue until midnight on Sunday, May 13, in southern New Brunswick and midnight, Sunday, May 20, in northern New Brunswick. These dates are dependent upon weather conditions and are subject to change.



A reminder for anyone that currently has Transportation Certificate (TC) books signed out:  books are due back at the Marketing Board office after 30 days.  Please return any outstanding books to the Marketing Board office so they can either  be re-issued or you can pick up a new TC Book.   

Thank you!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CURRENT NEWS & MILL NOTICES

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