Remembering our good friend, 
Ken Hardie of the NB Federation of Woodlot Owners

Gone but never forgotten......

In April 2016 we lost a very valuable colleague and a dear friend in Ken Hardie – who was the Manager of the NBFWO.  Described as a "champion for woodlot owners", Ken evolved from a big city boy from Montreal to a dedicated and honorary Maritimer happily married to the love of his life Deborah Boles, living and working on their farm and woodlot in Lower Kars.  

Ken also developed a deep love for the woods and became involved in many organizations - the SNB Wood Coop, Belleisle Christmas Tree Coop, The Fundy Model Forest, NB Community Land Trust and INFOR.  Although initially working part time with the NBFWO, his knowledge of the marketing boards and forestry politics was increasing and his interest in extension and outreach growing.  This job later became full time when the then Executive Director Peter deMarsh moved to other interests.

 It always lifted our spirits to see him in the office with his genuine smile and upbeat demeanor.  Ken had a tough job, fighting for the interests of all woodlot owners, but it was a job he loved very much.  It was amazing how he always seemed to stay positive and even find humour in some of the most difficult circumstances.  He cared deeply about the forest and doing what was best to maintain and sustain this beautiful gift of nature.

Saying we miss Ken is an understatement.  He was a joy to have around, rarely complaining and always ready to share a laugh or story.   

“Gone but never forgotten. . . .” and that is what we propose to do.  In the past, YSC has recognized a Woodlot Owner of the Year – dedicated to owners who have shown commitment to their woodlots.  While they are a major component of the private woodlot sector, we also cannot forget the many other people who are involved.  Thus YSC, has created the Ken Hardie Stewardship Award.  This award will be presented annually to any individual - be a woodlot owner, producer, trucker, mill or company, group or community who promotes and share the traits Ken stood for – respect, honesty and commitment.  


The Ken Hardie Stewardship Award was presented to Eric and Robert Kirkpatrick at the 2018 Annual General Meeting. 




Past Winners:

Presented June 22, 2016 - ​Greg Bavis & Wade Regan

Presented June 21, 2017 - Jeremy Brewer