The York-Sunbury-Charlotte Forest Products Marketing Board

We are a non-government organisation that has been working for woodlot owners and producers for over 35 years.  Our objective is to improve private woodlot resources by offering woodlot owners a wide range of management and marketing options in our area.  

Established in 1978, we currently have over 6000 private woodlot owners in York, Sunbury and Charlotte counties.  

We provide markets for your wood products to many mills , not only in New Brunswick, but also Quebec and Maine.  

Our staff work diligently to offer many services to our woodlot owners such as our Silviculture program (Government funded), other alternative treatments for your woodlot, absentee owner programs, and much more.  If you are harvesting wood from your woodlot, we can inform you as to what is selling, and what price you can get for your product.

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